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September 26, 2016
Chuck Mercier poses with CAA representatives

CAA towing contractors learn about Pardon Services Canada

CAA towing contractors heard from Pardon Services Canada this weekend. Vice-President Chuck Mercier was pleased to speak at their annual conference in Niagara Falls. Mercier discussed […]
September 22, 2016
Man thinking in park

What is a pardon or Record Suspension?

A pardon or Record Suspension seals your record. Although your record won’t be destroyed, it will be kept separate from other records. You can apply for jobs, […]
August 24, 2016
Road through the forest with sunbeam

Criminal conviction and entering Canada with a rehabilitation application

Our last post on criminal conviction and entering Canada focused on eligibility periods for rehabilitation. As stated, a person can be criminally inadmissible even without a conviction.  The officer […]
August 23, 2016
toronto skyline

Entering Canada with a criminal record: Criminal rehabilitation guide

Entering Canada can be difficult with some criminal records. However, you can make an application for criminal rehabilitation. You need to convince Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) […]
August 19, 2016
Drunk Vs. High Driving infographic

Driving high is an issue for Canada’s marijuana legalization task force

When it comes to driving high, US legislators have more experience than Canadian counterparts. Spring of 2017 is approaching. The target date for marijuana legalization is […]