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The White Label Agreement

Your firm enters into a White Label Agreement with Pardon Services Canada (PSC). This Agreement allows your firm to purchase the administrative services of PSC while retaining client control. PSC’s processing team will act as a full cycle back office for your firm in processing record suspension (pardon) and waiver applications.

Selling to your client

Your client contracts with your firm for a record suspension and/or a waiver. Your firm sells the service to the client either at PSC’s retail pricing, or at the fee structure that your firm decides on. Your firm then places the order with PSC.

Processing the client file

PSC’s skilled and experienced processing team begins the client’s application, giving each file careful and timely attention. All file management and administrative activities from this point on are carried out by PSC. Our records management system ensures an expedited passage of the client’s file. Once the initial file has been established, your firm will be provided with written updates and progress reports with respect to the client’s file. In addition, if you so choose, all documentation and communications with the client can incorporate the firm name, logo, and/or branding. Once the client’s record suspension or waiver is granted, the documents will be delivered to your law firm.

Delivering the results

Once the record suspension or waiver is granted, your firm can deliver the documents to the client. The White Label Program is essentially giving you the opportunity to brand our Record Suspension and US Entry Waiver services as your own. This allows your firm to offer a new service to your clients with assurance that the service is provided by a confidential, reputable, and reliable company.

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