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A criminal record follows you for life. Many clients have contacted us about pardons in Canada because their criminal records have affected them negatively at the most inopportune time. There have been cases where they needed to travel right away, or they needed to be bonded, or obtain security clearance, or find a new job. Unfortunately, the process can take up to 18 months. Your criminal record will not disappear unless you do something about it.

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Advance Your Career

A Record Suspension (previously known as a pardon) removes your criminal record. The fact that it even existed will not be disclosed to anyone without special permission from the Minister of Public Safety. Furthermore, the Canadian Human Rights Act prohibits discrimination based on a pardoned criminal record.

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Your criminal record will no longer be accessible by employers, schools and universities, bonding agencies, United States Center for Border Protection, adoption agencies, and volunteer organizations. A Canadian Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon) offers you peace of mind and an opportunity for a fresh start.

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Criminal Records Act

The Criminal Records Act of Canada (CRA) outlines that an individual must wait 10 years from the completion of their sentence for an indictable offence or five years for a summary offence. A sentence can be a jail term, a period of probation, parole, conditional sentences, or the payment of any fines, surcharges, or restitution. The eligibility wait period will not commence until all elements of the sentence have been satisfied.

Individuals who have been convicted of a sexual offence against a minor or have more than 3 offences prosecuted by indictment each with a prison sentence of 2 or more years, are permanently ineligible for a Record Suspension.


Criminal record
We obtain a record check from the RCMP Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) in Ottawa. The record from CPIC will list all of your convictions, charges and discharges throughout Canada. The CPIC fee for retrieving a criminal record is $25.
To obtain your certified criminal record, you are required to fingerprinted. Pardon Services Canada will provide you with a list of recommended fingerprinting agencies (from our international network of fingerprint services) in your area that can conveniently prepare a digital scan of your fingerprints. We strongly recommend the use of digital fingerprinting because it enables your application to be processed more quickly and reliably. Pardon Services Canada can also arrange to have ink fingerprints digitized.
Court information
We obtain all court documents detailing your offenses confirming the sentence has been satisfied as required by the Parole Board of Canada (PBC). Our administration fee is the greater of $20 or the current fee levied by the court.
Local police check
A criminal record check from the local police detachment for each city you resided in over the last 5 years is required. Our administration fee is the greater of $60 or the current fee levied by a police department. Some local departments require personal attendance.
Military conduct report
We obtain the conduct report for past or present members of the Canadian Armed Forces. Our administration fee is $25.
Sexual offence
If you have been convicted of a sexual offence you will be required to provide documentation demonstrating reformation of character and verification of victim’s age.
Measurable benefit form
You must clearly describe how receiving a Record Suspension would provide you with a measurable benefit and sustain your rehabilitation into society as a law abiding citizen.
Filing fee
The Parole Board of Canada filing fee for a Record Suspension is $631.00.

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