Emergency US Waiver

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Emergency US Waiver

If you have a criminal record and you wish to enter the United States, you must obtain a US Entry Waiver. The process of obtaining a waiver can take several months. However, if you have a legitimate and pressing need to enter the United States immediately, we can compile an application for an Emergency Travel Waiver for you.

This is an extraordinary measure used sparingly to allow an otherwise inadmissible individual to enter the United States for a temporary period due to a compelling emergency. It is not meant to circumvent the waiver application. You must have an application for a US Entry Waiver pending before you can apply for the Emergency Travel Waiver.

We compile your personal information and complete all the necessary forms and obtain the documents required to support your application. We will guide you in writing the petition which explains the urgent reasons why a temporary travel document should be granted, and assist in compiling the evidence that should be considered.

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