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I called your Vancouver office for the first time in my life and I got a live person on the line - I was impressed. The gentleman on the phone was outstanding, very knowledgeable, patient, had clear pronunciation, did not rush me, and answered all my questions to satisfaction. I asked him over the phone about getting my criminal record removed and US travel. He made me very comfortable, and I will soon pursue the process. Keep up the good work. God Bless.


… everytime I called, I spoke to a real live person.


Firm helps wipe the slate clean … PSC is the only one that specializes in pardons

Vancouver Sun

I didn’t have to deal with the police or the courts. Pardon Services handled everything. It was confusing to do it myself…and it would have taken me longer…for what it cost it was well worth it.

Toronto, ON

They were upfront about the fees, processing time, what to expect…Clearing my name gives me a second chance for jobs.


Pardon Services Canada helped me take my kids to Disney World!

Calgary, AB

Ultimately, what you get from Pardon Services Canada is a specialist to handle the paperwork and keep on top of your file … it does guarantee an error-free application, with software that tracks the paperwork through every stage.

Mississauga, ON

PSC is single handedly responsible for creating an awareness of pardons in Canada and, as a result, the number of applications has jumped from 800 to over 2,000 a month, in 1989. The key to the profitability of the business is software that tracks every application through each stage. If any documentation is lost or gets bogged down in the parole board system, Pardon Services will immediately notice a delay and generate correspondence to correct the problem.

Toronto Star