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You can be arrested and detained, deported, and have your property or vehicle confiscated if you enter the United States with a criminal record. Moreover, you and any person who transports you across a U.S. border can be barred from ever entering the United States. A waiver eliminates these risks. Waivers are valid for periods ranging from one to five years.

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A waiver is a document from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) allowing you to legally enter United States. If you have a criminal record, you are generally inadmissible to enter the United States...or even over the United States. You should be aware that a Record Suspension is not recognized by the United States.

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Keep Your Car!

Without a US Entry Waiver, your vehicle and any other property with you at the time can be confiscated by border security. You, and persons accompanying you, can be disallowed from entering the United States indefinitely. Beyond deportation, there is also the risk of being detained by border officials. A US Waiver protects you from these inconveniences, and can be valid for periods as long as five years.

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US Entry Waiver Process

We compile the necessary personal information and create a computer file specific to your case. We complete all the necessary forms and help you obtain the documents required to support your application. The requirements are different at each district DHS office and we will guide you through the process.

Once all the documents and letters are collected, we advise you of the appropriate district DHS office to submit your petition for a US Entry Waiver. Normally, a waiver takes six to ten months from the time the application is filed with the DHS. If you have urgent reasons for entering the United States, call our offices to determine if it is possible to expedite the process.


Criminal record
We obtain a record check from the RCMP Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) in Ottawa. The record from CPIC will list all of your convictions throughout Canada. The CPIC fee for retrieving a criminal record is $25.
To obtain your certified criminal record, you are required to fingerprinted. Pardon Services Canada will provide you with a list of recommended fingerprinting agencies (from our international network of fingerprint services) in your area that can conveniently prepare a digital scan of your fingerprints. We strongly recommend the use of digital fingerprinting because it enables your application to be processed more quickly and reliably. Pardon Services Canada can also arrange to have ink fingerprints digitized.
Court information
We obtain all court documents detailing your offences as required by Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Our administration fee is the greater of $20 or the current fee levied by the court.
Proof of citizenship
A photocopy of your birth certificate, passport or citizenship is required.
Reference letters
Three character reference letters are suggested.
Personal statement
We will advise on general content and review your letter for appropriateness.
Doctor’s certificate
If you have been convicted of a narcotics offence, we suggest obtaining a letter from your physician or a drug testing lab indicating that you are not a user of narcotics.
Sexual offence
If you have been convicted of a sexual offense, you will be required to provide documentation demonstrating reformation of character and verification of victim’s age.
Employer letter
We suggest filing a letter from your employer or a copy of your most recent tax return to confirm your income.
Filing fee
The Department of Homeland Security fee for filing a US Entry Waiver is $585USD.

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